Selina Cheng

I believe sometimes good people do bad things, and bad people do good things.

Selina Cheng is an investigative reporter at HK01, a Chinese-language publication in Hong Kong.


She investigated China’s most wanted fugitives who found asylum in the US, and exposed American photography game farms that raise captive wild animals for hire. She covered the Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution, its luxury and haunted real estate market, and went undercover to report on sex and wildlife trafficking that thrive in the city. She reported on China’s largest spring migration and the country’s burgeoning luxury sex doll market. Selina is constantly driven to pursue deeply reported stories that reveal larger patterns, not just random anecdotes of wrongdoing. 

Her work has been published on ProPublica, Quartz, Miami Herald, AFP, Foreign Policy, South China Morning Post, and Hong Kong Free Press. She assisted TV production at the Associated Press and M6, and a popular TV broadcaster in France.

Selina is sometimes available for fact-checking, research, or fixing jobs. Contact her here.


Last updated: 3 November, 2017