Selina Cheng

I hunt for story ideas when I’m too lazy to cook or to do my laundry, or take photos when none of the above appeal.

My first big assignment was for the Associated Press, covering the Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution in 2014. I also reported the protests live on Twitter for @hkdemonow. After these tumultuous events of the city, I assisted in the production of a French TV documentary Enquête Exclusive, about billionaires, haunted real estate, triads, drugs and wildlife trafficking in Hong Kong.

I have written about the largest modern human migration of China, and the other on the country’s burgeoning sex dolls market and subculture for AFP. I have 40+ bylines for a regional French paper called Le Pays d’Auge, on a range of topics from stinky seagulls, professional polo players, tightrope walkers and so on. A deep Google search with my name might lead you to a blog on female masturbation.

Random facts about me include a philosophy and sociology degree from France, years of classical ballet training, sailing across the North Sea during one of the largest European races, and a winning debate on why children should not be told fairy tales. I have a soft spot for cats, raccoons, or any soya product. I speak fluent Cantonese, Mandarin, English and French.

Recently, I am busy spending time to bond with my sources. Otherwise, I try to hammer out a 5000-word investigation so I can graduate from the Columbia Journalism School.